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Mindfitness is an easy and effortless meditation technique. Similar to working out at the gym but instead of working on arms, legs or chest; you learn a practice to gain strength in the three attributes of the mind: Attention, Focus and Awareness.

Course Curriculum

Hi, I’m Moris

Moris is a certified yoga teacher and a 10-year  Human Resources professional working full time in the corporate world who also completed a 6-month retreat training in the arts of meditation as a vedic Monk. He started teaching yoga an meditation in 2005.

EDUCATION: Human Resources, Life skills coaching, Buddhist pshycology, Business Post-grad.


  • Fully certified in Mindfulness by the University of Toronto,
  • Completed the Life skills coaching program at George Brown College,
  • Completed a 6-months training retreat at Ishana Yogha camp to be trained as a meditation teacher as per Vedic teachings
  • Completed a 1-month training retreat at Sivananda Yoga Camp to be trained as a Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Mindfitness combines mindfulness, contemplative and mental engineering. For that reason, works with the natural tendency of the mind which is to find higher happiness and the natural tendency of the body with is to heal itself.

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